Dryer Vent Cleaning Is a Must for all homes!

When you purchase a home most of the time it doesn’t come with a how to manual to maintain that home and keep it safe. At the Peterwell house we have found over the years that one of the most looked over and most important pieces of keeping our properties safe; and therefore those inside, is dryer vent cleaning. Most dryer exhaust lines are not perfectly smooth, this makes them an ideal trap for loose lint, this can be a huge hazard.

As the dryer vent exhausts, not only is it expelling lint, but mostly it is expelling heat. When this heat can’t escape it tends to get stuck back into the dryer, and if the dryer isn’t regulating the heat temperature properly this will cause feed back and the dryer vent will spark. Our friends at www.dryerventcleaninglosangelesca.com have some great information about dryer vent cleaning, Los Angeles and areas like it especially can be dangerous due to the already higher than normal temperatures in the area. duct cleaning is another service that can help keep your home safe from combustion and unexpected disaster. All home owner’s should have some form of home owners insurance in case something like this were to happen. But the best remedy is to call a dryer vent cleaning contractor to make sure your vent line is perfectly clean.

Almost 3,000 homes a year are completely lost due to a preventable dryer vent fire. We urge our readers to take in as much information as they can on the subject and to make sure they at least schedule a bi-annual cleaning or monitor the dryer vent from the exterior. This can be a serious problem that can have serious consequences for you and your family.