Expansions with Los Angeles Concrete Construction companies

When we saw what a success we had become on the East coast, we decided it was time that we started looking at the west coast! Our friends and family had told us for years that we should set up shop in Los Angeles and we have decided to do so. Our company has recently bought a building within the heart of Los Angeles, we wanted Melrose Ave but I guess we will take what we can get! Our new home has not only become a place of work, but as a home away from home it has also become a place to reconnect with our family and all the reasons we got into this business at all. The new facility we bought was in need of a facelift so we got some recommendations on who to hire. We ended up with Los Angles Concrete Contractor Pros. The took this small space from a little shack to a cozy office and exterior space for us to work, we interviewed these guys recently and these are some of the tips they give to transform your own space!

Hi everyone, our company is Los Angeles Concrete Contractor Pros, we are considered one of the top concrete contractors Los Angeles has to offer. Specializing in retaining walls, polished concrete, concrete repair, foundation repair, patios, stamped concrete and basically anything that has to do with concrete or hardscaping. We were asked to put together a few pointers to make any space look the way you want it while on a budget.

  1. Staying away from structural renovations can save you large in the long run. Moving structural walls and foundations can be big ticket items, instead, try knee walls, or half walls, keep the structure but open up a part of it.
  2. For exterior looks, stamped concrete will always be a more affordable product than pavers. Pavers can be a great look but they will often be one of the most expensive forms of exterior finishes.
  3. installation of a sprinkler system may seem like a large upfront expense, but over the life of your lawn they will save on grass seed and any type of extra work you may need in the future.
  4. A repaired sidewalk or concrete step may be the best money you have ever spent. Making sure that you have an up to code exterior and are not at risk of a lawsuit can pay off in dividends.
  5. Always call a professional! Nothing is more expensive than a cheap contractor! always make the payment!

Thanks again for taking the time with us today. We hope that maybe some of the wisdom we have gained over the years can help you in your next renovation project. Stay tuned as we start to roll out some new info that may save you big!