New Commercial Roof for Albany NY location!

So our Albany New York location unfortunately sprung a leak and we ended up with some wet credenzas! We luckily caught the leak quick enough before we had any real damage to our antique bedding and other pieces. Not so luckily when we had the roof looked at and it seems we may need a new commercial roof. Our friends at Albany Roofing came in and did a spectacular job.

When we called Joe from Albany Roofing he was quick to the draw, they were able to get there and plug the leak pretty quickly. When the roof repair was done and the rain was over they came back to give us a full assessment to make sure we were water tight. Our building has a flat roof and therefore can be more susceptible to standing water, commercial EPDM Roofs can be great, easy for roof repairs, sometimes better than residential roofs; but they can have drainage issues. You can do a torch down or a rubber layover and get another 5 years or so out of it, but we decided to install a totally new roof, sheathing and all, this will make sure we have another 25  years of asset protection!

Our B&B’s are our pride and joys, keeping them in working order and keeping our guests dry and safe is our number 1 priority, I know stories about ceiling leaks and repairs can be a bit boring, but share these with our guests so that they understand our commitment to our work and to making sure our guests have the best experience, thanks again to Albany Roofing!